Re: ZDUTTON – Jarrett, William, and Levi Dutton

From: (Darlene Cole)
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Jarrett, William, and Levi Dutton
Date: 1999-07-27 21:59:28
Suspect I'm slow responding to this, but not sure I received all comments?
My Internet Server has been down due to vandalism, they said earlier today.

Sorry Joseph, but you'll just have to sleep some other time.  [grinning]
Because now I'm excited too.  What have you found on Levi's 3 youngest
(Leticia,  Calvin and Robert).

I had forgotten that I found a Levi/Lewis Dutton on the 1850 census of
Cherokee Co TX, in fact I had wondered if he might be the L.W. DUTTON who
md. Matilda COX, 7th of April 1854, in Cherokee Co TX.  Can anyone identify
this L.W?

Now that you've mentioned it, I went looking for it, but haven't found it

Ah hah!  Found it, along with some notes I made on this family's children.
I noticed they married in Cherokee Co but all aren't listed in the 1870
census, especially the parents.  Does this A.C. and Mary SIDES connect with
the Duttons/Browns/Irwins, etc?  I see their
youngest is 5, and she like the rest were all born in AL.
Franklin appears to have md. Martha DOHERTY, 18, Oct 1855; James R. md.
Elizabeth DANSBY, 14 Mar 1857;  Joseph D.F. md. Susannah STINESIPHER, 23 May
1857; Mary md. Joseph SMITH, b. MS, 19 Apr 1855; Martha md. W.B. MILES, 22
Jul 1878, Catherine M. md. Wm F. McELYEA, 20 Aug 1866; and Lewis R. SIDES
md. Nancy BENGE, 19 Sep 1866.
All these marriages took place in Cherokee Co TX.

I wonder if Sonya Mims and a "Jimmie" Carruth are related.  I heard from Mrs
Charles A. Carruth, of Knickerbocker, TX  in 1991.  She was working on her
husband's BROOKE line.  It seems his James BROOKE was in Lawrence Co AL by
1820, (state census) and on the 1830 federal census of Lwr. Co AL.  James
had at least 2 full sisters and one half-sister, named Margery who md Mark
BENNETT, and moved to Calhoun Co AL.  Quoting Jimmie:
"Sister MARY is by tradition said to have md. a  MR DUTTON, and sister
Margaret md. a MR WILSON.  James BROOKE and wife, Nancy, had a son James A.
BROOKE, b. c1824 Lwr. Co., AL, and some DUTTON family also living in Lwr
Co., had a son, THOMAS, b. c1827-30.  This THOMAS was a cousin to James
A.and nephew to James BROOKE.  In 1830 there was an extra male in James
Brooke's h/h, b. c1830.  If this was a son of James & Nancy, he died and was
forgotten by James, when he wrote in 1852 that they had had only 4 children.
I now believe that extra child was Thomas Dutton.  In 1850 in Itawamba Co MS
there was a Thomas Dutton living alone, not near but not too far from James
and Nancy BROOKE.  In an 1852  letter to his brother, James BROOKE responded
to a query about Thomas DUTTON.  This Thomas DUTTON married in 1853 and
subsquently had 9 children.  About 1873-1876 Thomas DUTTON removed his
family from MS to McCulloch Co TX and died there in March of 1876.  His
cousin, James A. BROOKE had moved with the DUTTON family to TX, lived with
them assisting Mary C. DUTTON with her farm and children until his own death
in 1891, he never married.  My theory is that Thomas was born to parents who
possibly were not well or were physically unable to care for him, so James
and Nancy took over as they already had a son about the same age."
This Jimmie Carruth's address in May of 1991 was a P.O. Box 22,
Knickerbocker, TX 76939.
But this would be the Thomas DUTTON Jr who md. Mary Catherine BATES, right?
Material you sent last week.  I wonder if she ever worked this out?


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