Re: Some Dutton Questions

Subject: Re: Some Dutton Questions
Date: 1999-08-15 16:29:51
I believe that this Howell Dutton is really Howell Parrish whom was Z. 
Dutton's step-son.  From all of the gleanings of records tha I can find in 
Granville there is no Howell Dutton.  Judith Parrish (wife of Claiborne 
Parrish-deceased-) when she married Z. dutton had three sons: Humphry, Woody. 
and Joseph.  As a partial connection to the Sneed family I have some 
information that a william Sneed listed in a deed as buying land from 
Zachariah Dutton, His wife Judith Parrish, and a Howel Briggs. 
LJust who this Howel Briggs is I don't know but I believe that somewhere 
along the line that Dutton was confused with Briggs.  I'll look further into 
this and will bring it back to the family at a later date.  I'm wondering if 
Judith may have been related to this Howel Briggs.

The South will rise again

Copusin James

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