ZDUTTON-LM – Debate on attachments

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON-LM – Debate on attachments
Date: 1998-07-06 09:45:29
At 12:35 PM 7/3/98 EDT, Judy wrote:
>In a message dated 98-07-02 23:10:09 EDT, you write:
>Confirmed.....I have 16 members on my list, including myself.
>Question:  How do you get their names to print out after their address.  When
>I put them in my address book can I put their names in parenthesis at the
>And it won't interfer with the address?  I don't have them listed
>individually, I have them under a group entitledl, DUTTON GANG#1 and DUTTON
>GANG#2. So all I have to do is click on these two and it brings up the names
>on the e-mail.  (I have had some eerie things happen to me during my research
>so I just laughed  when the e-mail from Janice, just mentioned in passing
>you, that one of the Dalton gang was buried beside one of the
>Question: Also, can I scan in a photo and send it out to all of the group?  I
>seem to remember something you said about attachments.
>Thanks much passing on the info from Janice...and if you are
>thanks Janice.
>Love Cousin Judy


I'm still pretty new to this, too, but here's what I understand about the
e-mail addresses: you can put pretty much whatever you want to, as long as
the program can find the actual address, and as long as each address is
separated by commas. That's the way it distinguishes each address.

Here are the ways I've seen it done:

John Q. Public <jqpublic@anywhere.com> [that's the way I do it]
jqpublic@anywhere.com (John Q. Public)

I think the way it finds the actual address is by the @ sign. As long as
you have that somewhere in the address, I don't think the format really

I am somewhat concerned about attachments posted to the entire list. I
think everybody here would love to receive a scanned picture or a GEDCOM or
something, but this gets to be a problem when you mail out a humungous file
to everyone unsolicited. Most of the major mailing lists have disallowed
attachments of any kind for this reason. When you send an attachment, a lot
of e-mail programs (including mine) automatically download them, and won't
let you read your mail until you're through downloading all attachments.
I've had people send me files as big as megabytes without asking me, and
sit here for 30 minutes downloading! 

For now, let me make a tentative rule--it's okay to send attachments if
they're under 200k in size. What do ya'll think? Is that too low? Too high?
My opinion is that it would be fine to send files to individuals upon
request; the problem is when EVERYONE has to sit there and download whether
they want it or not. On the larger lists, a lot of times you're not even
related to the people you're receiving files from--here, that's not a
problem, so I guess it would be slightly different.

I guess you could post to the list: "Hey, I've got a scanned picture of
so-and-so and his family. Does anybody want a copy?" And then all who want
it could request it. That sounds fair.

What do ya'll think?


Cousin Joseph

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