New member

From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <>
Subject: New member
Date: 1998-07-06 18:41:33
Group:  I'm not sure how this is done, don't know that I've seen it
discussed.  But I took it upon myself to invite Thomas Thompson to join
our Zachariah Dutton discussion group.  I will take it upon myself to
introduce Thomas and then he can send more specific information on his
line himself, as we have all done.  I will forward each profile you all
have sent the list and that should catch Thomas up on who we are.

I have found Thomas to be an active and enthusiastic researcher who
descends from the Maryland Duttons and feel sure that he will be a
welcome addition to our group.  As I said, I'm not sure of the way this
is supposed to operate, so let me know if I've done something I
shouldn't have!!  And please welcome Thomas to our group!!!  Sue Dutton

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