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From: T Thompson <>
Subject: Re: Zachariah DUTTON and (?) PENN
Date: 1998-07-06 21:32:49
Dear J.T.,
The following message you posted to the list, mentions that you have
alot of information on Edith Beanes' Family. I believe that her fathers
name was Walter and her mother was Mary Revell. Do you possibly have any
information on ancestors for Walter. Also, I understand that Mary Revell
was the daughter of Randall Revell, however, there is some discussion
about Katherine Scarborough, being Randalls Second wife and married to
him to late to have Mothered Mary Revell. Please if you could, your
thoughts on this or any other blanks you can fill in about the Beane,
and Revell Families.

Thomas Thompson 

> Now, my Zachariah Dutton notes:
> 1. THOMAS DUTTON, b. ca. 1665 in England, emigrated to United States ca.
> 1680, arriving in Maryland. Married Elizabeth Hill, daughter of Matthew
> Hill and Edith Beane (have a lot of data on this family). 2 sons: Matthew,
> b. 28 Sep 1692; and Notley, b. 19 Dec 1694. Thomas died before 1717 in
> Charles County.
> 2. MATTHEW DUTTON, b. 28 Sep 1692 in Charles County, Maryland. Married
> Judith O'Caine, daughter of Gerrard O'Caine. 3 sons: Notley, Thomas, and
> Gerrard. Matthew died ca. 1734 in Charles County.
> Of the 3 sons of Matthew Dutton, I am sure that one is the father of
> Zachariah. Notley did have heirs--I only know of one of them, another
> Notley, who married Eleanor Philpott Glover. From my cousin Julie Dutton, I
> am told that Thomas had 4 children: Notley, Muriel, Eleanor, and Matthew.
> Gerrard is the one I am currently betting on as Zachariah's father.
> 3. GERRARD DUTTON, b. ca. 1730-34 in Charles County. Died ca. 1791 in
> Charles County. His will leaves entire estate to oldest son Thomas Morriss
> Dutton, and in the event that Thomas dies without heirs, to next oldest
> James Dutton. No mention of any younger children--leaving open the
> possibility that Zachariah is his son. Since Zachariah named a son Gerrard,
> I believe that this may be his father.
> 4. ZACHARIAH DUTTON, b. ca. 1750 in Charles County, Maryland. Married (1)
> possibly a Penn, in Charles County, Maryland. Married (2) Mrs. Judith
> Parrish, widow of Claiborn Parrish. Zachariah died 1829 in Granville
> County, North Carolina. 10 children: Matilda, William, John, Zachariah,
> Alexander Thomas, Stephen, Edmund, Elizabeth, and Samuel Sneed.
> Any data that any of you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Best regards,
> Joseph Thomas Richardson

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