From: "William Mims" <billmims@network-one.com>
Subject: ZDUTTON
Date: 1998-06-26 10:57:05
Hello Everyone,
I am Sonya Williams Mims, born and raised in Itawamba Co., MS.  My
Dutton line stops here for all practical purposes, even though there are
Texas connections. My gggrandmother was Laura Dutton, daughter of Thomas
Dutton and Mary Catherine Bates.  I say my line stops in Itawamba Co.,
MS, because Laura, born November 1864 in Itawamba Co., married John
Chesley Bethay.  According to family tradition, both the Dutton and
Bates families were quite wealthy.  John was a "hired hand" and was
definitely below Laura's station in life.  Laura was only 13 years old
(yes, I have proof) when she and John married in 1876.  She was disowned
by her family. Laura died in 1910 and is buried in the New Chapel
Methodist Church Cemetery in Itawamba Co., MS.  Thomas Dutton , her
father was born in May 5, 1830 in Lawrence Co., Al.  His wife Mary
Catherine Bates was also born in AL.  They owned a large farm in
Itawamba Co., MS.  They migrated to TX in 1873. Apparently John Chesley
Bethay went with the family when they moved there to operate a large
cattle and sheep ranch, which is still in operation today in Brady,
McCulloch Co., TX.  Thomas and Mary Catherine had 10 children, eight
were still living at home with Mary Catherine as listed on 1880 census,
Thomas having died on March 18, 1876. He and Mary Catherine are both
buried in the Live Oak Cemetery in the city of Brady, TX.  The ancestors
of Thomas have been a question for a long time.
Possibilities:  Thomas, Thomas, Zachariah?
                     Thomas, Thomas, Samuel, Zachariah
                     Thomas, Thomas, Jarrott, Zachariah
On and on--------------------------Am trying to prove connection to Z
Sonya Mims

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