Re: ZDUTTON – Meet Kaye

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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Meet Kaye
Date: 1998-07-07 13:04:17
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<< >You're a genius!!  I love the discussion group.  You are right though, 
 >because of my B-U-S-Y life, I don't know how much I will be able to 
 >contribute, BUT KEEP ME ON THE LIST FOR SURE.  For awhile, I'll probably 
 >be a "silent" cousin.  I've enjoyed reading all the mail from other 
 >cousins already, and it's fascinating how you've joined us together.  
 >Keep up the great work!  And I WILL be in touch, and....
 >Hi Y'all from: >>

Welcome Kaye

Don't feel bad, most of us work all the time and don't have much time for
research either, but it its great to have the group if a questions does arise.

Nice to have another cousin.
Cousin Judy

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