From: <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON
Date: 1998-07-07 20:05:08
Dutton cuzinz,
     I found this newspaper clipping in a book, MARRIAGES, BIRTHS, DEATHS,
LEGAL NOTICES 1888-1892 of Walker County, GA.  
     #33     Dutton, Mrs. T. B. fell into a creek while attempting to cross a
log, the
     water was 20 feet deep, her body was taken from the water about three
     of an hour later and they could not revive her.  12 April, Summerville,
     I looked for Summerville on a map of Ga and it is in Chatooga County.  I
found an article about the Penn family as being early settlers of this county.
this be the Dutton-Penn connection?  Also, does anyone know who this Mrs. T.B.
Dutton is?  I thought that she might be Mary E, the wife of my Thomas Benton
Dutton.  Does anyone else have Benton for names of your Duttons?

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