From: <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON
Date: 1998-07-07 22:14:54
In a message dated 98-07-07 16:18:58 EDT, Cybearval writes:

<<   Until I connected with Susie and Judy, I was beginniing to wonder if
these Duttons
 even existed!        >>


Welcome dear one.  Not only did they exist, but look at all us little sprouts
>from the tree....grin    

This is a very friendly group, like my Duttons here and I would bet a dollar
to a dough nut that 99 percent of them are will like them.  One
of my Broach/Dutton cousins put it very well here while back.  My daughter and
I traveled to another town to see a hockey game and while in a resteraunt
there we ran into a distant cousin.  After the hugging was over, Shandy said,
"have I ever met you?"  To which cousin Linda replied, "it don't matter honey,
I love you cause you are family."
Love cousin Judy

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