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Date: 1998-07-08 12:30:35
     I found a 23 page article in the Northwest GA Historical & Genealogical
on Chatooga County.  In it, it talks about a Penn family that were one of the
early settlers there.  I will pass on the Penn article as it may connect with
out Duttons.
       From:  Volume One/Number Three      Summer 1969   ISSN 0887-588X
       CHATOOGA COUNTY HISTORY----by Emily Nixon Farrar------1963

     The Penn family:
     William Penn, ancestor of Penn family in North GA was born in VA in 1783.
He was the son of Phillip Penn who married Martha Haliday.  They were of
descent.  They made their living on a plantation and were slave owners.
Penn came to ELBERT COUNTY, GA in 1813 and married Abigail Wilson, daughter
of John Wilson.  their 2 sons were James and John Wilson Penn and both were
born in Elbert County, GA.  Later they moved to Chatooga County (then which
part of Walker County).  He received many acres of North GA land in payment of
debt owed his father, Phillip, for services given in the Revolutionary War.
settlement was made before the Cherokee Indians moved to Indian Territory in
Sometime later he sold part of of this land to a firm consisting of A. P.
Spencer March and a Mr. Brier who bought it for a site for a cotton mill.  The
cotton mill in GA was built on this site.  John Wilson Penn and brother James
built houses near their parents.  They were buried in the family cemetery
north of
Trion, opposite the spot where the old homestead stood.  William Penn was the
son of James Penn and Jane Ham Penn.  He had one brother, John, who was killed
the Battle of Chickamauga.  In 1875, William married Miss Martha Ann Hill,
of Middleton and Sara Hinton Hill.  They had 3 daughters;  Mrs. O. A. Selman,
Bette Penn Millsap, and Miss Mary Penn,  Grandchildre of William H. Penn are :
Penn and Tom Hill Selman, Summerville, William Williams, Wetumpka, AL, and
Mrs. W. J. Wilkins, Columbus, GA.
     On page 13, it lists the pioneer families of Chattoga County, GA and one
of these
is the Patrick Penn family.
      In one of the Dutton clippings I sent eveyone yesterday, the Mrs. T. B.
drowned in Summerville.  Also, my Duttons were in Elbert County, GA and one of
my Duttons was named Patrick..

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