Re: ZDUTTON – No mail, and a new contact

From: "Rose M. Spencer" <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – No mail, and a new contact
Date: 1998-07-11 09:08:07
> From: Richardson <>
> To: [old-list]
> Subject: ZDUTTON - No mail, and a new contact
> Date: Saturday, July 11, 1998 12:43 PM
> Cousins,
> Whew! We've suddenly dropped off on our posting. I'm sure we're all very
> busy--I know I have been. But there's one thing I'd like to add. The
> purpose of this list is to discuss issues publicly--I feel that we need
> reply to the list as much as possible rather than e-mail each other
> individually. Unless it's a "private matter", I think everyone in the
> would love to hear about it (I would). I think we'll be better able to
> communicate our ideas and work together if we keep this an open forum.
> I've just contacted another researcher, who may be joining the list
> soon. Eula Dutton Coleman is descended from James Dutton of Walker
> Alabama, son of John Dutton, Zachariah's son. She has already shown me a
> lot of data that I did not have, and I am sure that she will make a great
> addition to our forum. It may be a few days before she's completely
> up--but she's receiving this now.
> I've been hoppin' all over the place genealogging this week. I've been
> to Friendship Cemetery twice this week--I'm trying to transcribe the
> thing to post on the AlGenWeb and maybe on the list. It's coming along
> pretty well. I've got nearly all of the newer part of the cemetery
> And Thursday, I went to Moulton, in Lawrence County, where a major branch
> of the Duttons resides. I went to the Lawrence County Archives for a
> minute, saw Myra (hey Myra!) and then went out to Union Hill (or
> Parkertown) Church to meet with Glenn Dutton. Glenn knows all about the
> early Dutton settlers of Lawrence County--he is a great man and a great
> storyteller. He took me around the cemetery, pointed out the graves of
> ancestors, and told stories of each of them. Glenn has even allowed me to
> borrow his pride and joy, photographs of all of his early clan, made by
> Kaye Shirah's ancestor, Reason Dutton, for me to scan them in order to
> better preserve them. After I get them scanned, I would love to send them
> out to each of you. I have also been to the Morgan County Archives, where
> looked up a few obituaries (actually, I racked up) and added a great deal
> of information. (The MCA has a large obituary collection, composed by the
> genealogical society--I happened to look up the Hogan surname, and in
> so was able to copy out the obituaries of at least 20 relatives all at
> once!) Yes, it's been a pretty good week.
> Well, let's get back to talking. I think somebody else should raise a
> of discussion this time. Things have been seeming to run pretty smoothly
> the past couple of days--I've been so busy, I haven't really had time to
> read e-mail, but things appear to be taking care of themselves. That's
> great. I look forward to hearing from each of you,
> Love,
> Cousin Joe

I'm eagerly awaiting the new information, since Eula Coleman is descended
>from the James Dutton I am working on.    Hope she has a lot new to add to
our knowledge.
It would be great if she has information on the antecedents of Zachariah
Dutton and his wife, or more on the Penns to see if they are really our
line.   I really enjoy reading all the  ZDutton mail and if I ever get
anything new, you can count on being informed.

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