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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – No mail, and a new contact
Date: 1998-07-11 19:23:48
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<< Glenn has even allowed me to
 borrow his pride and joy, photographs of all of his early clan, made by
 Kaye Shirah's ancestor, Reason Dutton, for me to scan them in order to
 better preserve them. After I get them scanned, I would love to send them
 out to each of you. I have also been to the Morgan County Archives, where I
 looked up a few obituaries (actually, I racked up) and added a great deal
 of information. (The MCA has a large obituary collection, composed by the
 genealogical society--I happened to look up the Hogan surname, and in doing
 so was able to copy out the obituaries of at least 20 relatives all at
 once!) Yes, it's been a pretty good week.
 Well, let's get back to talking. I think somebody else should raise a topic
 of discussion this time. Things have been seeming to run pretty smoothly
 the past couple of days--I've been so busy, I haven't really had time to
 read e-mail, but things appear to be taking care of themselves. That's
 great. I look forward to hearing from each of you,

Joseph and fellow Dutton Gang

Welcome new members.

I went to the South Carolina Genealogical Annual Workshops in Columbia today.
I heard Johnny Andrews speak (he is always good), Dr. Lloyd Johnson who just
wrote and published "The Frontier in The Colonia South" and I heard Alexia
Jones Helsley. You may have seen her on education tv.  She is one of the most
knowledgable people I have ever seen on SC and NC history.   She said, if you
do not find your ancestor in the county you think they should be, look in
adjoining counties because back in colonial times half of them did not know
where they lived and sometime just took their documents to the closest place.
Everything before 1785 was recorded in Charleston and that was a long way to
go.  It was a good day and I am tired.

I sent Betty and Woody and Sonya the Dutton picture.

I e-mailed James Dutton an address to check out in Anson County and it turned
out to be his uncle....grin.

I have not been up to much more but work.   Hope all are well.
Love Judy

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