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Subject: Z DUTTON…Penns
Date: 1998-07-12 10:36:29
Hi cousins

Once upon a time long long ago Artie sent me this.  Thought some of you may be
interested.  Remember this Artie.  This was back in 1997.  It looks like Artie
may have reached out and touched the same information about the Penns.

    Hi!   It's Artie,  your Cherokee Dutton.  I have some news for you.  I
my Duttons!   Can you believe that!  He has been searching for 20 years and
could not trace them.  It about blew him away when he found my query and
saw that they are Cherokee!  He sent me what info he has and a Samuel Dutton
turned up.  You might be connected to our Duttons!  He says that our Duttons
came from South Carolina!
     Did you know that there was a William Dutton in the Roanoke Lost Colony?
He was one of the people missing when the ship returned a year later.  Theory
is that the Indians, probably Cherokee, befriended the settlers and took them
or they would not have survived the winter.  We could all be descended from
     There is also the possiblity that our Duttons are tied in with the
Quakers from
William Penn's Colony inn 1681 (John Dutton).  We have a Chesley and a Wiley
in our Duttons and those are Quaker names.  This John Dutton had at least 4
     On the 1860 Bullock Georgia Census, there is a Samuel Dutton as the head
of a family.  Did you know that?  In that county, there were also other Dutton
households, Andrew, John, Joseph, and William.  An Ann Dutton lived in Bryan
County Ga.  
     In 1830, on the Sullivan, TN census there is a Samuel Dutton as the head
the household.  Other Duttons in that county are Abram and Elizabeth.  
     In 1840, Samuel Dutton is still in Sullivan County, TN, but then moves to
Cherokee County, AL on the 1850 census.  In 1850, Samuel is 44, Lucy is 39,
Eliza is 21, Sarah Ann is 17, Nancy E is 15, David is 13,  Mary is 11, Abram
9 plus 2 younger children born in TN and 1 in AL.  Isn't this your Duttons?
Dutton was living next door to David Clayton.  Our Patrick Duttons appears in
Al the same time that this Samuel Duttons does!   It says that this Samuel,
was born in Virginia.  George and John were born in TN.  It says that the wife
Samuel was born in North Carolina.  
     Let me know what you think!

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