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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – No mail, and a new contact
Date: 1998-07-12 14:44:33
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<< When I was much younger my Grandfather Henry G.Dutton me that one of his
ancestors was married to a Penn.  I Don"t know which one of them it was.
According to the way people named their children back then it could be that Z.
Dutton's first son was named after his maternal Grandfather which I believe to
have been William Chandler Penn.  I can"t prove this as of now but I'm working
on it.  Also he had a daughter who married a William Bailey in Granville Co.
N.C. by the name of Elizabeth which could have been her mother's name.  I'm
working on this too.  I;ll keep you posted as to what I can find out.  I'm
planning on going to Granville Co. as soon as it gets a little cooler.
 James L. Dutton >>

I look forward to hearing what you find.  

After receiving this I pulled out my notebook and went back over the e-mail
you sent me about Edward (Edmund) "Ed" Dutton and studied again the note you
sent me about Edward and William marrying sisters.  And you said that the
sisters were daughters of William Maner.  If you will look at my profile that
I sent out, you will note that Edward (Edmund) H. Dutton married Mary Francis
Maynard (Maner). I don't remember if I sent you a picture of these folks.  If
so she is the one seated 4th from the left. The lady who is holding onto the
back of her chair is my ggrandmother, Annie May Andrews Dutton.  Standing to
Annie May's immediate left is my ggrandfather, Edward Ivy "Bud" Dutton. This
picture has always held much fascination for me, because the little girl with
the long hair and the big bow sitting at her knee is the spitting image of my
daughter at that age and the little girl who is squatting two people down
looks just like me at that age, even to where her bangs split and go in two
different directions.  It is very eerie looking at her. My sister spotted that
one first.  I would love to find these two people and see what they look like
today.  They would be in their 80s by now if they are still living.....

 There has been much debate as to whether she was a Maynard or a Maner.
Horace Rudisill at the Darlington County Historical Commission has a copy of
the sheet that lists the Family of these two that was copied from the family
Bible.  Someone had scratched out Maner and put Maynard.  

The more I study, the more that I think that Mary Francis may have been a
Maner after all.  So Edward may have married a cousin.  If she were a cousin,
then it could have been she is the daughter of a brother of the two
sisters....just speculation...but a possibility.

Love Cousin Judy

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