Re: ZDUTTON – Sorry about that!

From: <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Sorry about that!
Date: 1998-06-27 10:43:14
Gang: I must have been out in deep space. I sent my introduction, but I didn't
really tell you anything about myself. Sorry, guess the mind is gone. I'll try

Hi, my name is Margaret Kinsley and my grea-great-great grandfather was
Zachariah Dutton. His son was my great great grandfather Jarrard. and
Jarrard's mother,Mary Duton was my great grandmother. I live in Denton Texas.
Married to a wonderful man, Laddie Francis Kinsley. We have two children, a
daughter and a son. Daughter, April , is attending TWU for a degree in Early
childhood and hopes to be a teacher. Our son, Morris, works for Dr. Pepper
Bottling Company for 17 years and is a Gospel Singer (New Revelations
Quartet). I have two grandchildren-both teen angels (girls). I am retired
secretary now a domestic engineer. My husband is a retired Real Estate Broker.
We love our family and church. We are very  happy to learn more about family

I'm sorry to say I have not spent a lot of time on the Dutton, but plan to do
so now.

I wonder about that ,Joseph, but  I am new to this computer. Sorry about my
mix-iup. Get too excited about it and jump in before I think.

Cousin Margaret

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