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His name was William M. Maner.  He was born in Montgomery Co. N.C. April 27,
1819 and died December 4, 1905 at the great age of 86.  He was a farmer and a
soldier in the Confederate Army serving with the 14th N.C. Co H.  His daughter
told a story that he was present at the battle of Chancellorsville when
Stonewall Jackson was wounded ( by N.C. troops) and he helped him off his
horse.  He was buried at Salem Meth. Church in Anson Co. He was married to
Mary A. Mills of Stanley Co where they lived.  She was born March 18 1822 and
I don't know when she died.  She was buried in a field nect to the old
homplace and her grave 'is lost.They had 9 children.
Lucy Ann  B. Sept 9, 1844
Mary Frances Ledbetter  B. Oct 31, 1846
John Eli B. July 25, 1849
Martha Jane B. June 6, 1856 (my G Grandmother) (She lived to be 91.)
Melvina Martin B.Jan 22, 1854
Sarah Elizabeth B. June 6, 1856
Cornelia B. Dec 16, 1857
Louisa B. May 22, 1860  ( She lived to be 106 years old)
Alice Johston B. Sept 29, 1863  ( She was married to a Joh A. Sullivan who was
murded by Willie Boggan.  This Willie Boggan was the last man to be hung in
Anson Co.  He went to the gallows proclaiming his innocence.
I don"t have a lot of information on this family but I will try to answer any
question you have.

James L. Dutton

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