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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – No mail, and a new contact
Date: 1998-07-12 21:18:20
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<< Lucy Ann  B. Sept 9, 1844
 Mary Frances Ledbetter  B. Oct 31, 1846
 John Eli B. July 25, 1849
 Martha Jane B. June 6, 1856 (my G Grandmother) (She lived to be 91.)
 Melvina Martin B.Jan 22, 1854
 Sarah Elizabeth B. June 6, 1856
 Cornelia B. Dec 16, 1857
 Louisa B. May 22, 1860  ( She lived to be 106 years old)
 Alice Johston B. Sept 29, 1863  ( She was married to a Joh A. Sullivan who
was murded by Willie Boggan.  This Willie Boggan was the last man to be hung
in Anson Co.  He went to the gallows proclaiming his innocence.
 I don"t have a lot of information on this family but I will try to answer any
question you have.
 James L. Dutton

Note Mary Francis she one of the sisters who married a Dutton?

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