Reply to your letter

From: Bill Brown <>
Subject: Reply to your letter
Date: 1998-07-12 21:35:42
I was glad to recieve your recent letter in which you described your
genealogical pursuits. Yes I am a grandson of Sol, Solomon, Solomon P.
or Solomon Peter Dutton. I think he was originally named for his uncle
Solomon P., but over his ninety years he changed his name from time to

Yes, I am interested in sharing information and receiving information
>from you about the Duttons. Although I have compiled some research back
to Zachariah in Maryland, my main focus has been on my grandfather's descendants.
He had eight children from three wives, my cousins, like myself, have gone
in all directions and I have made it my goal to contact all of them and
to compile genealogical data received from them.

My son and I use Family Tree Maker to store our data and will be
glad to send you a disc with our Dutton data. I also have some materials
on Edmund Dutton that I received from a person from California who researched
Zachariah with interests in Edmund. This information is not in our computer,
but I will dig it out.

Please send me whatever information you think will be helpful to
me. Also, I am interested in other family lines you may follow from the
North Alabama area.

Your Cousin,
Dale Brown

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