No Mail…New Contract-Going on Vacations

From: <>
Subject: No Mail…New Contract-Going on Vacations
Date: 1998-07-13 16:26:22
Hi Cousins:

Recevied all your e-mail. I would love some of the pictures of the Dutton Clan
or any that might be of Zachariah, Jarrard Dutton  or Mary Dutton. I had
always heard the family was Black Dutch or Indian !!!! I have a scanner, but
unfortunately I don't have any pictures.

Joe also suggested we have a prayer group. I just lost a dear friend Sunday
morning who was only 56 years old, Mr. Roy Taylor. Would appreciate your
prayers for his wife Jane and their three daughters. 

Anytime someone needs reseach in or near the Denton Area (That would include
Ft. Worth), give me a message I go to Ft. Worth and Weatherford quite often
would be glad to look up anything for you.

Cousin Margaret

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