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Subject: Dutton Genealgoy Group
Date: 1998-07-15 00:47:16
Been too busy to check my e-mail for several days.  Was very excited to find
all the mail about the Z. Dutton group.  It is my bedtime now, but have
printed out all the messages. Will read through them tomorrow and try to
process it all.  My Genealogy program is GEDCOM compatible.  Sounds as if the
folks in the group have done quite a lot of research.  One of the folks was
hoping I could help back beyond Zachariah, Sr.  But, as you know, I had never
been beyond James Dutton until you contacted me.  My files are strictly James
Dutton descendants and the descendants of Jarrard's son Zachariah at this
point.  I have fairly complete files of William Dutton Family (James's son) to
present generation.  But will be happy to contribute that to anyone who needs
	Heard today from Alice Dutton Freeman, gg granddaughter of Jarrard Dutton's
and his son Zachariah.  There are some good family oral history stories of
Civil war times from her.  She is interested in having a contact with the
Brown family (Zach's sister Mary Dutton who married John Brown and moved to
Mississippi).  If you have a contact name and address, I would pass it on to
her.  She remembers when some of them visited Walker County years ago, but has
no addresses at this time.  Since Zach died in the Civil War when her
grandfather Simeon B.was very young, and  Simeon B. died before her father was
born, contacts and connections with the Dutton part of her family have largely
been lost until we began corresponding.
	A Civil War Descendants Society whom I paid to do some research for me sent
me a list of all the Duttons who served with the Confederacy and the units
with which they served.  Lots with the same names from AL, TX, NC, VA, SC,
etc.  Can share any names anyone is interested in. This may be available on
the net somewhere, but I am new to this world and haven't located sites for
this yet. 
	While on vacation in Hill County, TX in January I got a Dutton name from the
phone directory, Milford Dutton.  A descendant in CA answered my letter after
it was forwarded to her (or him - name is Georgie).  Their last known
descendants were from Gwinnett County, GA and the generation before was said
to have been born in NC.  Thought they might be more directly connected to my
Duttons as my grandfather spent 18 years in Hill Co, TX while his children
were being born.  But so far can't connect.  These Gwinnett County Duttons
were George W. and Andrew Jackson Dutton (brothers).  
	Glad there is a descendant of Elizabeth Dutton Hamilton in the group. One of
the descendants of that family sent some information to my cousin Luella
Morrison two or three years ago.  Will be interesting to see how our files
	Hopefully I will soon get these medical concerns that are preoccupying me out
of the way.  Have a 7 years old Michigan granddaughter coming to spend 10 days
beginning Thursday, so this along with more lab work and oral surgeries etc.
may be slow getting into this.  That does not indicate a lack of enthusiasm.
My Dutton history seemed to have really slowed down and now it seems to be in
the jet stream!  Will hear from me again!  Feel free to send this on to the
group.  I will get my mailing list ready soon.              Eula Dutton

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