Re: ZDUTTON – Instructions and Guidelines

From: <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Instructions and Guidelines
Date: 1998-06-27 14:03:48
Hi Cousins,
     This is really exciting.  I am the last Dutton in my family and thought
there would be no way to find my roots.  God bless Joseph Richardson! 
      A little about me -- my name is Betty Jane Dutton Woodworth.  I'm 56
years old.  Born in Los Angeles but raised in Oklahoma City.  I teach computer
science in elementary school.  I'm married and have 2 sons.  My lineage goes
this way:
      Betty Jane Dutton Woodworth 
      Alvin Clayton Dutton -- Oil field equipment inspector -- m. Doris
Pauline Oliver
      Stephen Elmore Dutton -- Worked for Frisco Railroad -- m. Sudie Jane
      James Arthur Dutton -- Farmer -- m. Mary Abilene Blackwell
      Stephen Penn Dutton --  -- m. Mary Francis Dutton
      Edmund Dutton --  -- Margaret Barnett Ross
      Zachariah Dutton --

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