ZDUTTON-LM: New members!

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON-LM: New members!
Date: 1998-07-16 12:13:55


I'm back from my trip--it was a great one. Sorry I didn't get to read any
of your mail before I left. I'm here now trying to catch up on everything.

I have 2 new people who I'd like for us to add to the list:

Eula Dutton Coleman   <ECol91234@aol.com>
Dale & Bill Brown   <bbrown31@bellsouth.net>

I just forwarded messages from both. Eula descends from Zachariah Dutton,
Sr.'s son John and John's son James, who lived in Walker County, Alabama.
Dale and his son Bill descend from Sol P. Dutton, son of William Zachariah
Dutton of Lawrence County, Alabama, the son of Stephen Dutton, the son of
Zachariah Dutton, Sr.

To add to the list, just copy the addresses above into the "Mailing List"
or "Mailing Group" in your "Address Book". Or, just copy the "To" line from
this e-mail directly into your "Mailing List". Has anyone not figured this
out yet?

New members: we've been beginning by having new members write their first
post to the list and introduce themselves. Just introduce yourself and
explain how you relate to Zachariah Dutton and his family, tell about
yourself and your family, how you got interested in genealogy, etc.;
anything you would like to share.

Everyone should now have 19 people on their mailing list now. This is
great! And no one should be receiving any returned-to-senders or other
error messages. If anything is wrong, just let me know.

I have another person I just heard from today who appears to be connected
to the Walker County Duttons. I'll write her back and check it out, and in
a couple of days, we may have 20 members!

I look forward to hearing from you all,

Cousin Joe

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