ZDUTTON – Re: Janice's Duttons in Texas

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON – Re: Janice's Duttons in Texas
Date: 1998-07-16 12:41:13
At 10:44 AM 7/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I found the following Duttons in Opal Cemetery of Wise County Tx, near
>community of Azle:
>Arrow E.  2-4-1880 to 10-11-1956
>George A. 3-25-1878 to 10-3-1957
>Sallie J. 7-15-1878 to 9-17-1948
>Ernest C. (or L. - cant read my own writing!)  12-19-1876 to 7-29-1944
>Sound familiar to anyone?
Yep, they're ours. George A. Dutton and Ernest L. Dutton were sons of
Alexander D. Dutton, Edmund Dutton's son that moved to Wise County, Texas
with the others. Glad to know that someone has found them! Thanks. It would
be nice to try to track down some descendants in that area.

Also, I think Woody mentioned talking to someone with Duttons in the Ft.
Worth area--I think that they might be related. I don't have my census
notes handy right now, but it seems like some of our Duttons did go to
Tarrant County. (where Fort Worth is). I'll look it up some time.

Cousin Joe

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