Re: ZDUTTON – Re: Janice's Duttons in Texas

From: billmims <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Re: Janice's Duttons in Texas
Date: 1998-07-16 13:19:06
Wow is me!!!!!!! Doesn't anyone out there have a Dutton in McCulloch, Co., TX
but me?  Help!!All alone in TX.   Sonya

Richardson wrote:

> At 10:44 AM 7/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >I found the following Duttons in Opal Cemetery of Wise County Tx, near
> >community of Azle:
> >
> >Duttons
> >Arrow E.  2-4-1880 to 10-11-1956
> >George A. 3-25-1878 to 10-3-1957
> >Sallie J. 7-15-1878 to 9-17-1948
> >Ernest C. (or L. - cant read my own writing!)  12-19-1876 to 7-29-1944
> >
> >Sound familiar to anyone?
> >Janice
> >
> Yep, they're ours. George A. Dutton and Ernest L. Dutton were sons of
> Alexander D. Dutton, Edmund Dutton's son that moved to Wise County, Texas
> with the others. Glad to know that someone has found them! Thanks. It would
> be nice to try to track down some descendants in that area.
> Also, I think Woody mentioned talking to someone with Duttons in the Ft.
> Worth area--I think that they might be related. I don't have my census
> notes handy right now, but it seems like some of our Duttons did go to
> Tarrant County. (where Fort Worth is). I'll look it up some time.
> Love,
> Cousin Joe

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