ZDUTTON – Duttons in Texas

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON – Duttons in Texas
Date: 1998-07-17 18:58:09
>Wow is me!!!!!!! Doesn't anyone out there have a Dutton in McCulloch, Co., TX
>but me?  Help!!All alone in TX.   Sonya


I've got my Texas census notes out now. My "notes" are only a little bit of
chicken-scratch--far from complete--but I did copy from the soundex of the
1900 TX census the names of all the Dutton heads-of-household born in
Alabama (at least, I hope I got all of them...)

There's only one Dutton from Alabama in McCulloch County, Texas--M. C.
Dutton, born October 1841, aged 58. Although this date is a little off from
the tombstone date, I assume that this is your Mary Catherine (Bates)
Dutton, now widowed. It could be that I mis-copied the date--I was in an
awful hurry--but since the age listed matches the date listed, I guess that
was probably what was recorded on the census. (You told me that the
tombstone says Oct. 15, 1833.) It could also be that the tombstone date is
wrong, as it seems to be with Mary's husband Thomas. (His tombstone lists
May 5, 1830, but facts imply about 1821.)

(By the way, these parenthetical notes are for the record, and for
everybody else who may not know what's going on.)

Well, it does look like your Duttons were alone out there, but you're sure
not alone now! From what I've seen lately, I tend to believe that your
Thomas was in fact the grandson of the Lawrence County Samuel Dutton. There
doesn't seem to have been any close association between Samuel's
descendants and Zachariah's descendants in Alabama, so that probably
explains why they weren't that close when they moved to Texas. But don't
fret--though now we are parted by many miles and many generations, we are
all a family, in heart if not in blood. We'll track down your Duttons yet.

As far as the my notes go, here are the Dutton heads-of-household on the
1900 Texas census that were born in Alabama, broken down by county:
Bell County:
Samuel S. Dutton, b. Sep 1868, age 21 -- SD 59, ED 49?, S 19, L 21

Comanche County:
Milton Dutton, b. Jan 1873, age 27 -- SD 23, ED 36, S 5, L 95
Wallace L. Dutton, b. Jul 1870, age 29 -- SD 23, ED 36, S 6, L 76

McCulloch County:
M. C. Dutton, b. Oct 1841, age 58 -- SD 24, ED 107, S 2, L 57

Navarro County:
William R. Dutton, b. Jun 1860, age 40 -- SD 85, ED 122, S 13, L 91

Palo Pinto County:
Jas. A. Dutton, b. Feb 1866, age 34 -- SD 87, ED 120, S 3, L 45

Parker County:
Tandy Dutton, b. Nov 1870, age 29 -- SD 89, ED 62, S 11, L 33
Tandy Dutton, b. Nov 1870, age 29 -- SD 89, ED 69, S 9, L 66

Rockwall County:
James H. Dutton, b. Dec 1873, age 26 -- SD 94, ED 87, P 23, L 3

Tarrant County:
Edmund J. Dutton, b. Dec 1857, age 42 -- SD 100, ED 115, P 4, L 15

Travis County:
Anna Dutton, b. Nov 1837, age 62 -- SD 103, ED 118?, S 16, L 13
James M. Dutton, b. Jul 1834, age 65 -- SD 103, ED 120, S 2, L 58

Wise County:
Author Dutton, b. Sep 1872, age 27 -- SD 114, ED 142, S 12, L 22
Dallas Dutton, b. Sep 1874, age 25 -- SD 114, ED 142, S 13, L 93
Earnest L. Dutton, b. Dec 1877, age 22 -- SD 114, ED 142, S 14, L 23
George A. Dutton, b. Mar 1878, age 22 -- SD 114, ED 142, S 12, L 25
James W. Dutton, b. Dec 1852, age 47 -- SD 114, ED 146?, S 9?, L 29?
Stephen P. Dutton, b. Oct 1834, age 65 -- SD 114, ED 142, S 12, L 76
The page numbers, in some cases, were illegible--in other cases, my own
handwriting was illegible. 

Of the names listed above, I recognize a few:

"Samuel S." Dutton in Bell Co. appears to be in fact Samuel B., ancestor of
Eula Coleman. I don't see how it's possible to mistake a "B" for an "S",
but I've caught myself doing just that several times lately. I don't know
if the mistake was on the soundex or just on my notes.

M. C. Dutton in McCulloch Co., as mentioned before, appears to be Mary
Catherine Dutton, widow of Sonya's Thomas Dutton.

Tandy Dutton in Parker Co. somehow managed to get listed twice. He was the
son of Alexander D. Dutton, son of Edmund Dutton.

I had said something earlier about recalling some of our Duttons in Tarrant
Co.; it appears I recalled right. Edmund J. Dutton was another son of
Alexander D. Dutton. When Alex moved to Texas, most of his older children
had already married and started families. A few of them went to Texas with
him, and a few of them stayed in Alabama. Edmund apparently couldn't
decide. He went to Texas several years after his father, and came back a
few years later--after marrying for a third time in Texas and having
several children. He was listed on the 1910 census in Alabama.

And the ones in Wise Co. are all ours. Stephen P. Dutton is the ancestor of
Betty Woodworth. "Author" Dutton is James Arthur Dutton, Stephen's son, and
also Betty's ancestor. Dallas, Earnest L., James W., and George A. are all
sons of Alexander D. Dutton. Alex himself was living with George in 1900.

I copied part of the 1910 Texas soundex, but I only got through the J's
before skipping to the S's to find who I was looking for, Stephen P. Dutton.

Well, I guess that's all Ah have to say about that.

Best regards to all,
Cousin Joe

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