ZDUTTON – Jarrett Gerrard Dutton

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Subject: ZDUTTON – Jarrett Gerrard Dutton
Date: 1998-07-17 19:40:21
At 07:01 PM 7/16/98 EDT, James wrote:
>I'm very much interested in Jarrod Dutton First generation. I'm trying to get
>all of Zachariah's children and and their familys before I go any deeper.
>James L. Dutton

That sounds good to me, James. As little tidbits of information pop up over
the list, I'm adding them into my files--many of those tidbits concerning
your Samuel Sneed Dutton and his related families; gradually, these tidbits
are mounting up. I'm learning a lot about the family--I am proud to say
that this list is serving its purpose. But sometimes, I guess you just have
to get down to business. :)


I've never quite figured out the proper spelling for his name. I'm not even
sure if the "Jarrett" and the "Gerrard" were intended to be two separate
names, or one. They are used interchangibly in many cases. And I've seen
each of them spelled a number of different ways:

Jarrett Dutton - if I recall, that's how it was listed in Zachariah's will
(I'm not sure)
Jarratt Dutton - listed on 1830 census, Lawrence County, Ala.
Jarol Dutton (probably intended to be Jarot) - listed on 1810 census,
Granville County, N.C.
Jarrard Dutton - listed on 1820 census, Limestone County, Ala.
Jarrard Dutton - listed on marriage license, Lawrence Co., Ala.
Gerard Dutton - listed in estate proceedings of his brother, Alexander
Dutton, Madison Co., Ala.

It is apparent that Jarrard was named for Zachariah Dutton's alleged
father, Gerrard Dutton of Charles County, Maryland. Although Gerrard Sr.'s
name was usually listed as "Gerrard", it was also at times recorded
"Garrett", "Gerard", "Jarrett", "Jarrard", etc. -- Oh, dear. How confusing!


Jarrard Dutton
Born ca. 1790 in Charles County, Maryland
Died sometime after 1830 in Lawrence County, Alabama --may still have been
living in 1840, possibly the older male in Edmund Dutton's household 
[from census]
Married 14 Feb 1820 in Lawrence County, Alabama to Charity McDaniel

Charity McDaniel
Born ca. 1795? 
Died probably ca. 1830 in Lawrence County, Alabama
[from census]

[My original source for children was a data sheet from Darlene Cole of
Orangevale, CA; her source unknown; I was never in contact with Ms. Cole.
This data was seconded by data from Margaret Kinsley--I believe her data
>from Mrs. Windham B. Brown of Mississippi. In correspondence between Mrs.
Brown and Mrs. Pauline Jones Gandrud, now on file at the University of
Alabama Hoole Special Collections Library, Mrs. Brown states that Jarrett
Dutton had 4 children: 3 sons, 1 daughter.]

1. Zachariah Dutton, born ca. 1821 in Lawrence County, Ala.; moved to
Walker County, Ala. with cousin James Dutton ca. 1835; married Mary Emily
Rushing(?) ca. 1852 in Walker Co.; served in Company L, 28th Ala. Inf, CSA
in War Between The States; died in Feb. 1864 at Hood Hospital in Covington,
Newton Co., Ga. 

2. Mary Permelia Dutton, born ca. 1824 in Lawrence County, Ala.; married 3
Dec 1842 in Lawrence County, Ala. to John B. (Burnside?) Brown; moved after
marriage to area of Itawamba Co., Miss.; died on 11 Jul 1876.

3. Levi Dutton, born ca. 1825 in Lawrence County, Ala.; moved to Cherokee
County, Texas before 1850; married in 1851 to Nancy Allen in Cherokee Co.,
Tex.; died between 1870 and 1880.

4. William Dutton, born ca. 1827 in Lawrence County, Ala.; apparently moved
to Walker Co., Ala., where he married Martha ________ ca. 1853. Nothing
known after 1860. 

I really don't have much data on this family at all. Nona Gold and Margaret
Kinsley descend from Mary Dutton Brown, and Eula Coleman has ties to
descendants of Zachariah Dutton, Jr.  I would love to hear some more about
this branch.

Looking forward to it,

Cousin Joe

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