ZDUTTON: Initial post

From: <SVanBebber@aol.com>
Subject: ZDUTTON: Initial post
Date: 1998-06-27 14:53:30
Hello Dutton cousins:
My name is Charles W. Van Bebber. I am looking forward to some great
correspondence in the Dutton Family list.  I am a descendent of Edmund Dutton,
who we believe to be the son of Zachariah Dutton. My lineage from Edmund and
his wife Margaret Barnett Ross is as follows: Margrette Elizabeth Dutton,
their daughter, married George S. Hughes. Their daugher Willie Edna Hughes
married John Walter Roper. Their daughter Ina Francis Roper married my
grandfather Charles Van Bebber. I was born in Kirkland, Washington to Truman
Troy and Elizabeth Lue Fritch Van Bebber. I now live and work in Stuttgart,
Germany with my wife Susan Marie and daughter Elizabeth Grace (who turned five
months old today).
I also have some comments that I would like to address to some of the other
participants that have already come up on the list.
To James Dutton: I have looked into the doings of your ancestor Samuel Snead
Dutton, as I believe him to be the brother of Edmund Dutton. I have a copy of
his pension file from the National Archives. I recently attended the Armed
Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia, and visited the site of Fort
Nelson, where the two Duttons served while in the 5th Virginia Militia in the
War of 1812. I tried to find records for the unit in Norfolk but with no
success. I did get some leads though. I took a picture of a monument there,
which is the only thing that marks the site as an old fort. Fort Nelson is now
the site of the US Navy Hospital.
To Betty Jane Woodworth: I noted that you are descended from a James Arthur
Dutton. I have in my possession an old studio portrait of an Arthur Dutton
(looks to be about 18-20 years old. My grandmother Ina Roper wrote on the back
that it was her cousin. Your ancestor would have been her second cousin as I
reckon it. Could this be your James Arthur?
I have lots of questions....... More to come.
Again, I look forward to hearing what other Dutton descendents are doing and
what you are thinking.
Charles Van Bebber

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