ZDUTTON – Mary Dutton Brown correction

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON – Mary Dutton Brown correction
Date: 1998-07-19 18:00:58
At 06:23 PM 7/18/98 EDT, Margaret wrote:
>Cousin Jose:
>On your e-mail on the Duttons, I noticed you had Mary Permelia Dutton's
>death as July 11, 1876. That date is for her daughter Martha Jane. Mary's 
>date of death is August 28, 1886. This is from their tomestone. John Brown
>Mary Dutton Brown and Martha Jane are all buried in the same cemetery. I
>a picture of their graves. Just wanted to bring this to your attention.
>Cousin Margaret
>        ???
Thanks, Margaret--you're right. I must have just entered it into my
database wrong or something. What would we do if you hadn't noticed?

Anybody else see anything fishy? This data relies totally on things people
have sent me--I have no personal investment in it--so I need all the help
analyzing it that I can get.

I am interested in knowing what John B. Brown's middle initial stands for.
In the U. of A. Gandrud Collection, Mrs. Windham Brown writes this:

"Thanks again for your effort to try to help us prove the parents of John
Burnside(s?). Its sad so many Ala. Court houses burned. I've lost my
husbands Brown family in Ala.  John Brown (b. 1824) married Mary Dutton (b.
1824) in Ala.  Mary was the dau. of Jarrett Dutton & Charity McDaniel (4
children - 3 sons - 1 dau.) md. in Lawrence Co., Ala. but have been unable
to find where John & Mary were married they continued to move to Ita. Co.
Ms. and back to Ala. even lived for a time in Tishomingo Co. Ms. We also
know John Brown had a bro. William Brown (b. 1814 Tenn.) and a sister Ellen
Brown md. Alex Erwin, brother Fayette. These four died in Itawamba Co.,
Miss. - but there is such an age difference feel sure there were others."

>From this I would infer that the John Burnsides mentioned is John B. Brown,
but I can't be sure. What do ya'll think?

Also, I found in the marriage index at the Lawrence County Archives that
John Brown and Mary Dutton were married on 3 Dec 1842 in Lawrence
County--this from Orphans Court Book "C", page 61, which may have been the
reason Mrs. Brown could not find it. Myra Borden is our resident expert on
Lawrence County records--Myra, what do you think? Why would the marriage
have been recorded in the Orphans Court? Would there be any other
information included with this record (e.g. a reference to Jarrard)?


Cousin Joe

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