ZDUTTON – Scanned Photographs

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON – Scanned Photographs
Date: 1998-07-20 22:36:51

I scanned a bunch of pictures today. I've had a some stacked up in my room
that I had been meaning to scan for weeks, but "never got around to it".
Some of them, in fact, I actually went as far as to make copies of a few
weeks ago, to send to some of you, but again, I "never got around to it".

The scans of Glenn Dutton's old family photographs went great. I took them
back to him on Saturday. Stephen Dutton (ca. 1792-1878), son of Zachariah,
was the Dutton brother who moved inward into Lawrence County towards
Moulton, the county seat, and whose descendants remain there today. (The
other Duttons were in the southeast corner.)  His son William Zachariah
Dutton (1822-1901) is the ancestor of most of the Duttons in Lawrence
County. The pictures are of his family, taken by his son Reason Dutton, a
photographer. The oldest one, taken 1900 or earlier, is of W.Z. and his
wife, Lavinia Jane (Borden) Dutton. The other two were taken ca. 1924, and
include Lavinia Dutton, all of her children, and a good many of her
grandchildren, taken at the site of William Zachariah Dutton's old homeplace.

I also scanned pictures of some of the older Dutton tombstones at
Friendship Baptist Church near Danville in Morgan County, including the
stones of Edmund Dutton and Margaret (Ross) Dutton, and Thomas Dutton and
Elisebeth (Kitchens) Dutton. Also Mary Frances Dutton, 1st wife of Stephen
Penn Dutton. If there's anybody else buried out there that you would be
interested in looking up, I probably already have a picture of their grave,
and if I don't, I can get it easily, as I go out there quite often. 

If you're interested in any of these pictures, or any others I may have
stashed away, just ask--I'll send them out in a heartbeat. 

I will probably cover pretty soon the children of Stephen Dutton and
William Zachariah Dutton, as I don't think Myra or Kaye will have time.
Unless Dale wants to cover it. 

I'll talk to all of ya'll soon,

Cousin Joe

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