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Date: 1998-07-23 01:24:45
Dear Group:  This is like a daily newletter.  Love it!   Need to schedule an
e-mail slot in my schedule. . .

Cousin Joe:  Would dearly love a copy of any photos of the sons of Zachariah.
Are you able to send those over the net?  How do I go about receiving them?  

Cousins Woody and Judy:  Many thanks for solving my mystery of why my HILLC01
e-mail was being returned.  Never thought to check that angle.  Also thanks to
Woody and Betty for explaining about the arrows, etc.  Have lots to learn, but
every lesson helps.  Also Judy: enjoyed the poem.  Sending copies to two of my
family-history-minded cousins.

Cousin Margaret Ann:  You're not the oldest.  As of Sept. 12, I will be 64.
It is humbling to realize that my mother passed away at 62.  The only ages
that are more surprising to me than my own are those of my three children!
Two already over the hill (40).  Glad to have know there is a fellow senior
out there.

Cousin Janice:  Where from Rush Springs do you live?  I lived in Chickasha
>from 9th grade until end of 2nd year of college.  My Dad lived in Verden area
(near Chickasha).  Not sure what year the Rush Springs tragedy happened.  The
older boy who was about 13-14 at the time it happened was written up in some
newspaper that I saw (think it was in Columbus, OH) when he had his 18th
birthday, and that was year or more ago.  Of course, the death date is in my
family file, but it is late and won't sign off to look it up now.

Everyone:  On the History Channel on TV about a year or so ago, my husband
said there was a program on mansions and the Civil War or some such and that
there was a William Dutton Mansion that was discussed.  He remembered it as
being in Georgia.  Anyone know about that?  Also just the other night on that
Channel (where he spends lots of time), while watching a program about big
ranches in Wyoming or Montana the statement was made that one of the big
ranchers had married the beautiful and  charming Eula Dutton.  He swears that
is what they said.  Here I thought that first and last name combination was
probably unique!

One of the little tidbits of interesting information sent by Zachariah
(Jarratt's son)'s ggdau:  "By April 15th, 1864, my great-grandfather had died
and was buried in Covington.  He had $20.00 of Confederate money on his person
when he passed away.  This money was later sent to his widow and stayed in the
family's possession for years.  It is said that Zachariah on leave to visit
home one time after he enlisted in the Infantry (Co. L. 28 AL Infantry, CSA).
When he was ready to return to duty, his 3-year-old son, Simeon, cried and
begged to go with him.  Zachariah sat beside the road, took out his knife and
cut a button off his uniform and gave it to Simeon to persuade him to go back
to the house and not cry.  That was the last time the family ever saw

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