From: <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON
Date: 1998-07-25 01:09:41
Dear Artie:  The B. in my Samuel B.'s name stands for nothing.  It is just a
B.  That is what he told his children.  He has a son named Herman B. and a
granddaughter Alfa B. both named after that initial.  I asked the g.daughter
of Sam B.'s oldest brother,  Elijah I. what the I. stood for.  She said it
also was just an initial, that it was thought in the family that everyone who
did not have a middle name should have an initial for identifying them from
other Duttons that might have the same first name.  With all the Duttons in
our files,  I think an uncommon middle name might be more identifying.  Sam
B.'s other siblings were Reuben W. (thought to be for  William after his
father), Louis Tilman, W. Robert, S. Lucinda (no one knows what the S. is
for), David Anders or Andrew (still checking out which one)and John Cleveland.
So some of them did have middle names.  Their father William has the initial
D. in only one place that anyone has found to my knowledge and that is on only
one of his Civil War documents.  Wish I knew what the D. was for...perhaps for
David since he named a son that, but that is pure speculation.
Cousin Eula

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