Alexander Dutton Estate Records

Records pertaining to the Estate of Alexander Dutton
(d. ca. 1818, Madison County, Mississippi Territory)
Transcribed from Originals at Madison County Records Center, Huntsville, Ala. by Joseph T. Richardson

[Madison County, Alabama – Marriage Book 1, page 16]


Mississippi Territory,
Madison County.

To any lawful Judge, Justice, or Minister of the Gospel:

These are to authorise you or either of you, to solemnize the rites of matrimony between Alexander Dutton, and Rachael Feassel of your county, agreeable to this statute in such case made and provided– Given at the Register’s Offer of said county, this 30th day of January 1810.

W.H. Winston R.o.l.

[Madison County, Alabama – Record of Wills, Inventories, and Other
Returns of Executors, Administrators, and Guardians Commencing the
1st Day of January 1818 and Ending the 10th Day of January 1820, page 269]

Amount of sales of the Estate late of Alexander Dutton made by Rachel Dutton his administratrix at publick auction to the highest bidder on the 6th day of January 1819 pursuant to order of the Orphans Court of Madison County

Purchasers Names       Articles sold               Price
Jesse Sevely           one Rifle gun               $10.12 1/2

[page 270]

Rachel Dutton          one Loom                     $3.50
Henry Couch            1 Bedstead                    2.12 1/2
Joseph Jones           1 Plough                      6.12 1/2
Gerard Dutton          Sundry Irons                  1.56 1/4
James Priest           1 Cow hide                     .25
William Smalling       first lot of Hogs            34.50
Thomas Land            1 wild hog                    2.12 1/2
John T. Nelson         second lot of hogs           30.50
John T. Nelson         third lot of hogs            25.50
Thomas Land            fourth lot of hogs           17.12 1/2
Jonathan Werren        fifth lot of hogs            24.
David Draper           Sixth lot of hogs            60.
John Loyd              Seventh lot of hogs          33.25
Thomas Land            Eighth lot of hogs           41.75
Rachel Dutton          Ninth lot of hogs            12.
Rachel Dutton          Tenth lot of hogs            10.
Bluford Davis          1 Gray Mare                  88.50
Rachel Dutton          1 Bay horse                  67.
Rachel Dutton          1 Side Saddle                16.
John Jones             1 Steer                       9.50
Edward Massey          1 Powdering tub               1.75
John Priest            eleventh lot of hogs         27.50
Rachel Dutton          first Cow                    23.
Rachel Dutton          Second Cow                   31.50
John Mowrey            4 yearling Cattle            30.18 3/4
Amount brot over                                   610.43 3/4
Epperson Neal          1 Mans Saddle                12.50
John Priest            1 Tomahawk                     .81 1/4
Aaron Green            1 Set of drawing chaines      4.
Joel Parish            2 pad locks                   1.75
Rachel Dutton          1 ax                          3.00
George Jones           1 Hoe                         1
Jonathan Warren        1 Bell                        1.18 3/4

[page 271]

Walter Draper          1 Musquet                    $5.
Thomas Cumings         1 grind stone                 1. 6 1/4
Joel Parrish           1 Sprouting hoe               1.75
David Draper           1 Pot                         5.75
Rachel Dutton          1 Skillet                     2.
Rachel Dutton          1 Pot & bale                  3. 6 1/4
Rachel Dutton          1 Frying pan                   .50
Gerard Dutton          1 Jar                          .75
Jesse Edwards              
Rachel Dutton          2 crocks                       .25
                       1 Bottle                       .50
Gerard Dutton          1 Do. [ditto]                  .37 1/2
Joseph Jones           1 Do.                          .56 1/4
Gerard Dutton          2 Do.                          .62 1/2
                       1/2 Doz. white plates          .62 1/2
William Waters         1 Coffee Mill                 3.75
Rachel Dutton          1 Pail                         .62 1/2
                       1 Set of Tea ware             1.
William Weters         1 coffee pot                  1. 6 1/4
Rachel Dutton          3 bowls & 2 glasses            .56 1/4
Wm. Waters             1 Bowl                        1.00
Jesse Toliver          Stuffer & funnel               .75
Walter Draper          1 looking Glass                .25
Jesse Sively           Knives & forks                1.
amount brot forward                               $668.50
John Mowrey            Table spoon                   1.
Rachel Dutton          wheel & Cards                 2.56 1/4
Joel Parish            4 Chaires                     4.37 1/2
Rachel Dutton          1 Table                       1.
Ame Green              1 looking Glass               1.62 1/2
Henry Couch            1 trunk                       6.18 3/4

[page 272]

Rachel Dutton          1 Bed & furniture           $31.50
                       1 Do. . Do.                  25.75
                       1 Tray & Sifter               1. 6 1/4
                       1 Pot rack                     .50
                       1 oven lid                     . 6 1/4
                       1 Pueter dish                  .62 1/2
                       1 Smothing Iron                .62 1/2
                       1 Pallet bed                  1.
Gerard Dutton          1 pr. Steelyards              2.18 3/4
Jesse Toliver          Hoe Harnes & Singletree       2.50
Eben Lester            1 clevis                       .25
James S. Waldreth      1 Cow hide                    2.25
George Jones           1 Auger                       1.
John Cup               Augur & drawing Knife          .68 3/4
Jesse Toliver          1 hand saw                    2.81 1/4
John Mowrey            2 chopping axes               2.00

                               Amount of Sales     759.07 3/4
                               Cash in hand        375.00
                                                   434. 7 3/4

Alabama Teritory, Madison County

This day came Rachel Dutton before me George T. Jones a Justice of the peace in & for said County & made oath that the foregoing is to the best of her Knowledge and belief a true account of the Sales of the perishable property late of Alexander Dutton Made by her as administratrix as above stated.

Rachel (her mark) Dutton

Sworn to & subscribed before me this 20th day of January 1819
test George T. Jones

[page 274]

This is the true valuation of the Estate of Alexander Dutton Decd. Given
in by us the undersigners the amount of house hold & perishable property

is                                                $550.75
Notes of hand out to the Sum of                    413.96

Given from under our hands and Seals

Andrew Jordan (Seal)
John Priest (Seal)
Joseph Jones (Seal)

Madison County, Alabama Teritory

This is to certify that the above assigned men are the men appointed by the orphants Cort of said county to value the Estate of Alexander Dutton deceased. Stated before me George T. Jones one of the acting Justices of the peace for Said county this 26th day of December 1818.

Given from under my hand
George T. Jones, J.P.

Alabama Teritory, Madison County

This day personally appeared before me John Martin an acting Justice of the peace for said county, Rachel Dutton widow of Alexander Dutton Decd. and made Oath that the above amount of property as rendered in to the above appraisors is the full and hole amt of the Estate of Alexander Dutton Decd. Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 28th day of Dec 1818

Rachel (her mark) Dutton
Jno. Martin, J.P.

[page 283]

1st Lot of hogs appraised to      30.00
2nd Lot appraised to              60.00
1 Loom & bed stead appraised to    7.50
Iron tools appraised to            8.50
one cow hide to                     .50
4th Lot of hogs appraised to      20.00
Seven head of cow beastes to      60.00
5th Lot of hogs appraised to      23.50
6th Lot of hogs appraised to      65.00

one Gray mare appraised to        65.00
one Lot of Iron tools to          14.50
one Rifle gun apr. to             15.00
one musket to                      5.00
Kitchen furniture                 22.50
one wheele & card to               2.50
house hold furniture to            8.25
one saddle to                      6.00

[page 284]

one Looking glass                  1.00
two beds & furniture to           31.00
one beef hide to                   2.00
one bay horse to                  55.00
one side Saddle to                15.00

The forgoing is the appraisment of the Estate of Alexander Dutton by us

John Priest
Andre Jordan
Joseph Jones

This is to certify the above appraisment was given in on oath before me George T. Jones one of the Justices of the peace for said county this 26th December 1818.

Given under my hand
George T. Jones, J.P. (seal)

This 26th day of December 1818
This is to certify that Rachel Dutton given on oath before me George T. Jones one of the Justices of the peace for said county to the values of the Estate of Alexander Dutton deceased all and singular the goods, chatles, rites, and credits of the said Estate of Alexander Dutton.

Given under my hand
George T. Jones, J.P. (seal)

[Madison County, Alabama – Deed Book P, page 288]

Rachel Sterling tutrix and William Pipes
To Columbus Dutton
Transcript of Letter of Atty.

Before me Lewis F. Lamy parish Judge and ex officio Notary public in and for the parish of Ouachitta in the State of Louisiana personally came and appeared Rachael Sterling Tutrix of her minor children George Washington Dutton and Sarah Ann Dutton and William Pipes herein acting for himself and his wife Louisa Dutton residents of the Parish of Ouachitta in the State of Louisiana and the said Rachael Sterling in her capacity of Tutrix as aforesaid and the said William Pipes acting as aforesaid, declared and acknowledged that they have nominated constituted and appointed and do by these presents nominate constitute and appoint Columbus Dutton, their true and lawful attorney infact, for them and in their names to collect all money or monies which may be coming from the Estate of the deceased father of the said Louisa Dutton Pipes, George Washington Dutton and Sarah Ann Dutton that is to say from the estate of Alexander Dutton their said deceased father to the aforesaid Louisa Dutton Pipes, George Washington Dutton and Sarah Ann Dutton, in the State of Alabama, and the County of Madison, to institute suit or suits for the recovery of said monies, or any part thereof and to do all other things in the premises in as full a manner as if said constituants were personally present acting, hereby satisfying whatever their said attorney may lawfully as in the premises of aforesaid and one or more attornies to appoint under him and revoke at pleasure.

In testimony whereof said Parties have signed their names in presence of Isaiah Garrett and Ira Batle witnesses hereto required who have also signed with the parties together with me the said Judgeon this 28th day January A.D. 1836. In faith whereof I have signed my name and affixed my seal of office. Witnesses Isaiah Garrett, Ira Batle. Rachael (her X mark) Sterling Tutrix of George Washington and Sarah Ann Dutton, William Pipes, Columbus Dutton,

Lewis F. Lamy, Parish Judge
State of Louisiana
Parish of Ouachitta

I Lewis F. Lamy Parish Judge in and for said parish and state do hereby certify the foregoing and within to be a true copy of the original on file and of record in my office.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name and affixed my seal of office this 28th day of January A.D. 1836.

Lewis F. Lamy
Parish Judge

United States of America
State of Louisiana

By Edward D. White Governor of the State of Louisiana. These are to certify that Lewis F. Lamy whose name is subscribed to the instrument of writing herein annexed was as the time of signing the same and is now Parish Judge and ex officio notary Public in and for the Parish of Ouachitta and that full faith and credit are due to all his official acts as such.

Given at New Orleans under my hand and seal of the State this sixth day of February one thousand eight hundred and thirty six and of the Independence of the United States the Sixtieth

E.D. White
By the Governor
Martin Blacke
Secretary of State

[page 289]

The foregoing authenticated transcript of Letter of Attorney from Rachel Sterling and others to Columbus Dutton was delivered into the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Madison County in the State of Alabama for registration on the seventeenth day of March eighteen hundred and thirty six and was duly registered on the minutes on the nineteenth day of March eighteen hundred and thirty six.

Richd. B. Purdom, Clerk C.C.

[Madison County, Alabama – Orphan’s Court Book 6, page 430]

Thursday morning the 3rd day of March 1836, Court met pursuant to adjournment.

On the application of Columbus Dutton, one of the children and heirs of Alexander Dutton, deceased, it is ordered that James Priest (of Lawrence County in said State) Administrator of the Estate of said decedent be cited to be and appear before the Judge of said Court, at the court house in the Town of Huntsville, on the second Monday in March instant to show cause why he shall not settle his administration on the Estate of said decedent.

Ordered that the Court be adjourned until to morrow morning ten O’clock.

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