Will of Zachariah Dutton

Granville County, North Carolina
Wills 1815 – 1830
Volume II pages 209-210
Signed 10 November 1828
Probated August Sessions 1829

State of North Carolina
County of Granville

In the name of God, Amen. I, Zachariah Dutton, of the County of Granville & State of North Carolina, being weak in body but blessed be God am of sound and vigorous mind, considering the uncertainty of worldly things and the great certainty of Death, do this 10th day of November 1828 make & publish this my last will for the Disposition of that Portion of this worlds goods with which my Labors Through Life have been blessed after first resigning my body to the dust to be decently buried and my immortal spirit into the hands of my alwise Creator who gave it.

Item: It is my will that at my Death or as soon thereafter as may be convenient and proper that my Executor sell all my Property both Real & Personal and when the money may become due to proceed to the collection and get it all together as near as possible and then to distribute it in the following manner – vizt:

first to pay & satisfy my just debts, then to set apart the sum of one Hundred and fifty Dollars to be kept on Interest until the youngest child of my son John shall become of Lawful age – and then to Divide the amount Equally amongst the Children of my son John – or if my Executor chooses he may pay them off Respectfully as they arrive at Lawful age. the Balance of my Estate may be Distributed in the following manner – say to:

  • to my Daughter Matilda five shillings
  • to my son Zachariah one Eighth part subject to a deduction of $125
  • to my son William one Eighth part subject to a deduction of $165
  • to my son Alexander one Eighth part subject to a deduction of $100
  • to my son Jarrett one Eighth part subject to a deduction of $25
  • to my son Samuel one Eighth part subject to deduction of $200
  • to my Daughter Elizabeth Baly one Eighth part subject to no deduction
  • to my son Edmund five shillings he having his part in Land
  • to my son Stephen five Shillings he having his part in Land
  • to my son John five Shillings ___________

the remainder to be Distributed by our acts of assembly and Distribution.

Item: I hereby nominate constitute & appoint my friend David J. Young my whole and sole Executor to settle & distribute my Property & execute this my last will and testament.

Zachariah Dutton {SEAL}

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of
Joseph Hart
David Owing Jr.

D. J. Young qualified

State of North Carolina
Granville County

August Court AD 1829

The execution of the foregoing last will and Testament of Zachariah Dutton Deceased was duly proven on oath in open court by David Owing Jr. one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto and who says that he saw Joseph Hart the other subscribing witness sign the same in the presence of the Testator and at his request on motion the same is ordered to be recorded. at the Same time came forward David J. Young who is named as the Executor in said and duly qualified as such.

Stephen K. Sneed, Clk.

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