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Date: 1998-06-27 20:24:37
Hello Dutton cousins:

My name is Brenda Stevens Nitsch.  My Father's family on both sides are from Northern Alabama.  Mostly in Morgan, Madison, and Winston Counties.  I have really just started getting serious with my research in the past year.  I am excited about what I have found so far and hope to find in the future.  I felt so good seeing so many people I'm related to that I never knew!!!  I haven't got anything further back than Zachariah, but I noticed a couple of Edmumd's descendents and I also come from him.  Here is my tree going back:

Brenda Stevens Nitsch - my parents are:
James Robert Stevens (md) Joyce Vidinsky
The son of James Olan Stevens (1914-1996) (md) Lottie Elizabeth Murphy (1918-1944)
The son of Edmond Erby Stevens (1890-1959) (md) Ella Mae McElvana (1892-1919)
The son of James Buchanon Stevens (1865-1933) (md) Mary Etta Dutton (1873-?)
The daughter of Edmund E. Dutton (1839-1914) (md) Lethia B. Nance (1848-1878)
The son of Edmund Dutton (1793-1882) (md) ?
The son of Zachariah Dutton (1750-1829) 

>From the posts I guess that Edmund's wife's name was Margaret.  Also Mary Etta Dutton died with the measles while she was pregnant with her seventh child.
I am leaving to go to Alabama to do some research for the month of July.  I will be saving my e-mail, but probably won't post until I get back.  
Looking forward to hearing from all the cousins!
Brenda Stevens Nitsch
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