Re:Computer Change and Dutton Good Looks

From: <>
Subject: Re:Computer Change and Dutton Good Looks
Date: 1998-07-27 17:19:45
Dear Margaret and others who may help us,
P. S. to last sending.  I am also a computer dumb-dumb and
newcomer to the net.  I will need instructions also.  

Seems we have a sizeable group of Dutton teachers.  My
sister and a cousin were teachers earlier in their lives and
I retired after 31 years.

An addition to the Dutton characteristics.  A picture that I
saw of my missing aunt Lucinda showed that she was a dark
haired beauty that could easily have had Indian heritage.  Eye
color escaped detection as it was a zeroxed copy of a black
and white print.  I have written a letter requesting a copy of
the picture for a fee, but haven't yet heard.

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