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<< Sonya, we've been hunting for your Thomas Dutton, b. 5 May 1830.  And
 everybody has pretty well settled on him being the grandson of the
 Samuel Dutton who was in Lawrence Co. AL by 1820 and who died 1823.  But
 let me venture something here.
 Samuel Sneed Dutton who stayed in Anson County N.C. had a son, Alexander
 F., who came to Alabama, died in Cullman County.  Samuel S. also had a
 son, Thomas, b. abt 1829, about whom we know nothing (?) correct me
 someone if you have further info on this Thomas.  Could your Thomas,
 Sonya, actually be the son of Samuel Sneed Dutton, rather than how we
 are thinking this goes together??? >>


This sounds like a very good hypothesis!!!!  However, I do not have any info
on the children of Thomas.

I took a vacation day and went to Anson County last year and found a book in
their library called "Threadgills Book II." by Janis Heidenreich Miller and
Collaborator Wordna Threadgill Wicker. copyright 1983  Address: Janis H.
Miller, P.O. Box 2245, Hudson, OH 44236.   I took copies of a few of the
pages.  Also an internet cousin who is descended from the Threadgills sent me
a copy of a couple of pages (especially page 63 which list the names of Samuel
Sneed Dutton and Elizabeth Dutton.  However, she made a typo on this pagre and
said children of Elizabeth and George:  when she meant Elizabeth and Samuel.
This information was furnished by J. L. Dutton (is that our J. L.?).  This
Threadgill cousin suggested I order this book, so I wrote to the address and I
have never heard from Ms. Miller.

Anyway, it lists the names of Elizabeth and Samuels children and their dates.
Among them is a "Thomas born 1829, thought to have moved to Alabama."
....quoted from page 63.

In January 1998, Artie sent me a very impressive 24 page document compiled by
Steven Bush (I think is the name).  It has footnotes on every piece of
information that is researched within the document.  Artie says in a sticky
note, "This is from Steven Bush.  His Thomas Dutton was a brother to our Luiz
Dutton..."  Susie I think that you have a copy of this.

He documents that Jeremiah Dutton (which now we know was brother to Zachariah)
was in Greenville County, Ninety-Six district, as early as 1779.  Further on
he goes on to say that there "is a patent issued by Governor Moultrie to
Jeremiah Dutton."  The "on October 3, 1785, Jeremiah Dutton received his grant
of 420 acres on the south side of the Tygar River from Governor Moultrie."

"The 1790 census shows Daniel Dutton and Jeremiah Dutton at Greenville County,
Ninety-Six district.  Daniel is listed as a witness in some land transactions
>from 1787 to 1789."

Stay with me a minute and maybe you will see where I am going (if I can stay
together here).

"In the 1800 census Jeremiah and Daniel are not listed, but there is a John
Dutton at Abeeville County, and an Elijah Dutton at Orangeburg County.  There
were still no Duttons listed in Georgia.  There are no Duttons in the census
index for 1810 in South Carolina, but there is a Samuel Dutton at Horry
county, way off in the eastern corner of the state, in 1820.  Obviously,
unless Dutton heads of household were particularly successful in avoiding
being enumerated in the census, most of the Dutton males had died or moved
over into Georgia, Tennessee, or other places by that time"  (Here I am
curious as to why he does not mention NC which is where my Duttons still
are---My Duttons being Zachariahs clan....Samuel Sneed Dutton).

He goes on to say, " Georgia Duttons...The Precise way in which Malitha's
father, Thomas Dutton, is connected to the other Duttons of SC and Ga is not
clear yet........."

In another paragraph he says, "in Georgia, the first Duttons were james and
Thomas, who settled in Elbert County by 1820.  Thomas was the elder of the
two, who may well have been brothers.  Each had a son who bore his same name
(a " ' Junior' ") This would rule this Thomas out because he was born before
They were still there in 1830, but a John Douton had settled in Bibb County,
to the southwest, and Henry Dutton in Bullock County, to the south.  By 1840,
James Dutton, senior, had moved southwest to Meriwether County.  James " '
Junior ' " was at least temporarily missing.  There is also a Thomas W. Dutton
in far western Muscogee County.  There is a Mann Dutton in Bullock County
along with the Henry who had been there in the previous census.  

"Most census records from Tennessee before 1830 are lost.  According to the
1830 census of Tennessee, there were at least five heads of household named
Dutton.  Those with a male child aged 5 to 20 (Thomas's age at that time) were
Abram Dutton County, and George Dutton in Grainer County......"

Dade County, Georgia
".......We get the name of Malitha's father from her death certificate, where
it is written as " ' Thomas Dutton ' " So Susie, you are right, the key is to
find out Thomas' children and then that would give you a better clue as to
which Thomas it is during the 1830 period.

These are  just a few quotes from his discertation on Thomas Dutton.  Artie
could probably shed some more light on the subject of Thomas because I believe
that she corresponded often with this gentleman.  

Anyway, I hope all of these notes help somebody, because I have just served to
confuse myself........grin ........ Artie help me out with this....I was
headed to Alabama but took the wrong turn.......
Love Cousin Judy Norwood Knight

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